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About us

What is our focus?

Our focus is to help clients get the right tailored finance and insurance advice for their situation and ensure it fits their needs now and into the future. We believe in advice over product and always ensure our advice suits your short, medium and long-term goals.

Alan Borthwick

Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) – Mortgage, Insurance, Investment Advice and Financial Planning

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Who am I? 

I have been a Financial Adviser since 2003. As a Mortgage Broker in Wellington (including Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti and around NZ), I have helped hundreds of people to buy homes, protect their families, save for their goals, and invest wisely. I am married to Katrina, building a home and welcomed our daughter Mia on Valentines day 2018

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CM), with a diploma in financial planning from Waikato University, and I hold a national certificate in Financial Services in Mortgages and Insurance. I am also an Authorised Financial Adviser, which means I am allowed to advise on more than a regular Registered Financial Adviser.

What do I do?

I help people to get finance to buy property, whether it’s a first home, second home or a rental property. As an Authorised Financial Adviser I am also one of the few (around 30 of us) Mortgage Broker Lower Hutt advisers in New Zealand who are able to give advice on using KiwiSaver or State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme (SSRSS) funds towards a house deposit. I help people to get the right insurances to protect their families against the 5 key risks – premature death, critical illness, permanent disability, loss of income due to illness and major medical events. It has to suit your needs now and into the future, and also fit your budget. And it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.

I help people get the right insurance to protect their assets, such as their house, car, and contents. I want to make sure that at claim time you are not asking yourself “Am I insured?” I help people to invest wisely, whether you are starting out with KiwiSaver, want to build a property portfolio, or have a million dollars to invest. The advice needs to fit your needs, your appetite for volatility and be clear and easy to understand.

I help people to achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s saving for a house deposit, getting out of debt, saving for retirement, or buying a business, I provide an effective pathway to achieve those goals.

What do I do when I am not working?

I am an avid reader and movie buff and I train regularly at the gym and have a black belt in Seido Karate.


Thivakar Pushparaj

Financial and Mortgage Adviser


Who am I:

I believe that we should all never stop learning and developing. Whether that be through organised study, or having a considered view of life and experiences. I love talking to people from all walks of life as it gives me a wider view of society. I feel it is valuable to be open to guidance and advice, and consider the principles by which we manage our money (and lives!). This adds to the ongoing growth and learning.


I have been a Financial Adviser for over 16 years and I love working with people! In that time, I have helped hundreds of singles, couples and families achieve home ownership, manage their financial affairs and invest for the future. Simultaneously, over those 16 years, I have also been on a journey of my own learning all about this industry both the easy way - through study and education AND the hard way too - through experience and making my own mistakes. I still remember buying my first property all those years ago, and the confused feeling of fear and excitement! I am married to Tausili – my always ready for a challenge wife of 11 years, and we both enjoy living and working in the heart of this great city of Wellington!

What do I do?

I share all of my learnings and experiences in the areas of property, financial management and investing with likeminded people whom I enjoy working with! I have a very good track record with young professionals and business owners. I deal with many 1st Home Buyers in Wellington and throughout NZ along with growing families who are upgrading, as well as investors. My clients take advantage of the strong relationships that I have with the banks and insurance companies. I’ve worked very hard to build these relationships over the years and because of this, I have been able to push applications over the line that may not quite fit the banks or insurers ‘box’. 

There are 3 key ways that I help my clients.

1 – First Home Buyers and growing property needs – whether it be renovations, selling and buying; or building your next home.

2 – Protection and Insurances – Insurance can be a dirty word, but mitigating risk is a must have in any plan to secure your future. 

3 – Refinancing – I’m in your corner if you’re not feeling the love from your bank or if you just need a better fit between what you desire and what the market place can offer. I’m here to give you the right advice so that your mortgage works the best for you and to accelerate the rate of repayment to save you money.

I am a huge fan of having a plan; and being proactive! Most people don’t when they start looking at property or their financial affairs; and end up taking on a bunch of financial products in a reactive way. Over time, this becomes unsuitable and unsustainable.

I help people to put something on paper and follow it through. The end goal is to help them push through the inevitable road blocks to achieve their financial goals. 


What do I do when I am not working?

I believe that society has changed drastically in the last 2 decades from the time when I was at university. So when I’m not with my family, I enjoy mentoring secondary school and university students to help them take on this crazy world that we live in. I also enjoy being behind the wheel of (or often under) my new, old truck which continues to excite and challenge me!

Rebecca de Castro

Receptionist and administrator


Who Am I?

I am the friendly first face you see at DUX and the receptionist, with a passion for communications and organisation, which I put to work in my new role.

As a receptionist and administrator, I strive to provide the best support possible for my team as well as our clients.

What do I do?

As the receptionist and administrator at DUX I greet people and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. A background in hospitality has given me the experience to provide a friendly first face for all visitors to DUX. As well as a delicious cup of coffee or tea (or a beer or wine).

My Diploma in Business Management provides skills in communications and organisation. Both necessary to keep the office running as we grow and develop. This ensures I’m able to make sure you get the best advise possible, I provide administrative support for the team; ensuring they everything they need to provide the best service and advice.

Communication is a big part of our focus, and mine, at DUX, and I oversee that all lines remain open. I also make sure “no one gets left behind” by checking that either I, or a member of the team, contact you regularly to make sure you’re happy and have everything you need.

When I’m Not at Work

When I’m not working I spend my time with family and friends; all of us avid board game and card players. I share a passion for reading with my fiancé and we both enjoy exploring new walkways when the weather permits.