Kunaal Sologar

Who am I? 

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I believe that knowledge that is not passed on or shared is knowledge wasted. In the three years that I’ve been a Financial Adviser, I have been lucky enough to have had great mentors who shared this belief and have taught me more than I would have hoped to learn in 10 years without them. My journey to becoming a Financial Adviser has been somewhat unconventional. I began life in academia and hold multiple undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in the Sciences, Arts and Commerce. With a stint spent as a chef in various Wellington establishments, in the pursuit to gain knowledge and find mentors to learn about business through practical experience. The chance encounter with a Financial Adviser and my eventual entry into the industry allowed me to combine my skills and knowledge to share what I have learned with everyday New Zealanders and Businesses to plan better, manage risk better and implement investment strategies that will improve their chance of financial success and wealth management. As an adviser I am primarily based in Wellington but have clients all over New Zealand. I am married to Esther and we have two sons, a very curious 3 years old who keeps us on our toes and a new born who arrived in March of 2019.

What do I do?

I share my knowledge and experience and those of my team, to help start discussions with people and businesses on how to plan and implement the habits and actions that will allow them to achieve their goals. These range from wanting to learn how to budget to buy a drum set to investment and risk management strategies for generational wealth creation to business growth and succession.

There are three key ways that I help my clients:

  1. Cash management – I work through with my clients to help them get a better understanding of their cashflow. This then allows them to create the habits needed to take control of their finances.

  2. Investment management – the majority of the population trades hours for dollars and do so for their whole lives. My clients learn how to make their money work for them to create passive income in alignment with their retirement goals. This can be through equity investments, property investment or maximisation of business opportunities.

  3. Risk management – There is a lot of misinformation around risk management and insurances. As a financial adviser my primary focus is to minimise any risk that may be posed to my client’s goals, be it personal or business. I have open discussions and eliminate the technical and often confusing jargon attached to insurances. Risk management strategies are always personalised to the client needs and goals and are regularly reviewed to ensure the strategies in place are still relevant.

My goal as a financial adviser to improve the financial literacy of New Zealanders and share with them the tools and habits to ensure their inevitable financial success.

What do I do when I am not working?

When I am not working, I can usually be found on my motorbike, watching sports or spending time with my wife and kids.



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