Niraj Patel

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What do I do?

My official title is a Paraplanner, but I’m a bit of an all-rounder. A majority of my time is spent on writing financial plans, research & analysis, indulging in spreadsheets and working alongside my mentor, Alan.

Who am I?

I am a confident, creative, & highly analytical individual that sweats the small stuff.

Before arriving at DUX, I was a Financial Adviser specialising in Mortgages, and since then I have now launched myself into the Financial Planning space, where my true calling lies. I have been in the Financial Services Industry for over 5 years now which has allowed me to develop my skills in all areas financially speaking. From a formal education perspective, I completed a BCOM at Victoria University, graduating in Accounting, Commercial Law & Taxation.

 What do I do when I am not working?

My idea of switching off involves a number of fairly different interest & hobbies. I love the outdoors, so you will often find me tramping the mountains of New Zealand every other weekend, or on my latest trip to Japan, hiking Mt Fuji.I enjoy reading (mostly non-fiction) and will almost always being reading something to do with behavioural economics / psychology. I play Indoor Netball with a group of friends each week & do boxing at least 3 days a week down at the gym on Hopper St.


Alan Borthwick