Dan Talbot

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Who am I?

I am a Millennial, though as I drink my latte and eat my puffy cheese scone I like to think I’m lot more than that.

I have been a financial advisor and mortgage broker for 3 years, originally in Wellington and for the past year and half in my home town Timaru. I enjoy living back in Timaru, with a different pace and a different outlook.

I also genuinely enjoy the work that I do, meeting new people and helping them into what will be one of life’s biggest investments and biggest journeys, buying a home.

What do I do?

Primarily people come to me because they want help with buying a home or investment property or managing an existing mortgage. Some of the key things people look for is:

• Guidance in the process of buying a first home or investment property

• Someone to do the hard yards, put an application together and chase the banks to get the result.

• To give people advice on how to structure debt and how to repay it.

• To work with someone long term to help repay the mortgage and make their mortgage work for them around life events.

What do I do when I am not working?

I potter around our newly purchased first home with my recently married wife and our recently adopted dog Iggy. Read Sci-Fi books and biographies on interesting people. Indulge a minor Netflix addiction. Play casual soccer in the winter and cricket in the summer.

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