When looking for a Financial Adviser, it can be hard to know whom to use. Often the experiences of others can help.


We have included testimonials below from clients of DUX Financial Services who have agreed to tell others of their experience of the advice and service we provide.

Sam – Pharmacist & Nathan – Team Leader

Hayden – Government Speech Writer

Stu – Quantity Surveyor

Paula – Local Area Leader & Jared – Senior Analyst

Helen – Comms Adviser & Ivan – Teacher

Genevieve – Customer Support & Ben – Survey Assessor

Sara – Senior Adviser & James – Principal Adviser

Ed – Contracts Team Leader & Gemma – Adminsitrator

Nicci – Executive Assistant/Artist

Alan and the team at Dux were great to work with. They were prompt in their correspondence and Alan took the time to come visit us at our home for meetings, something that was extremely helpful for us. We trust our insurance needs are in good hands.
— Kelsi – Online Community Manager & Gareth – Account Manager

I am very happy to write this testimonial for Alan.

I met with Alan despite my misgivings about whether I would gain anything from it. I am so glad I agreed to meet this man!

He is both personable and professional, down-to-earth and honest. He looked at my current financial situation, advised me on the best steps to take moving forward and helped me see a future for myself and my son.

I left the meeting feeling better than I have in years and with hope and excitement in my heart.

I truly feel that Alan believes in what he does and that he does it to help others achieve their dreams. I was delighted and amazed that, after an hours session, with his experience and knowledge being used for my benefit, Alan didn’t charge me a thing! I would’ve happily paid for his help. His advice is spot on, unbiased and thoughtfully given. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Rosie – Property Manager

Alan was recommended to me by a friend who I later discovered had only parted with $1.20 to buy their house. I had been rejected by two banks, although both agreed that my financial situation was acceptable. The first bank objected to my lack of job security. The second bank said that the cost of the property I wanted to purchase was too low. Alan found me a mortgage that was not only approved but costs me less than rent.
— Frances – Project Co-ordinator

Working with Alan Borthwick has been fantastic! He has given us great advice with managing our budget so we can reach our goals.
Alan got us to think about the things that are really important to us and set up a plan to manage our finances and insurances so we can have peace of mind.
He did the research and came back to us with a detailed report so we could make decisions while feeling fully informed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and whanau, in fact I already have!
— Beth - HR Adviser and Phil - Doctor

I would highly recommend Alan Borthwick of Dux financial for Mortgage, insurance and Kiwisaver services.

When I first met Alan I was recently separated with my finances in tatters, I needed a house for myself and my children and being alone I now had to review all of my financial assets and strategies so as provide for my children both now and in the event something should happen to me. And all when I was not in the best of head spaces to want to be thinking about insurances, mortgages, retirement saving etc.

Alan has a very calm and reassuring competent air about him but most importantly he listens, he is very thorough in finding out what it is that is important to you (and what is not) then tailoring a financial strategy that achieves your goals and most importantly is financially attainable. Alan organized a mortgage for me with very tight time frames when my prearranged mortgage fell through at the last moment and he kept me informed throughout the process which is very appreciated at such a stressful time.
And then when I was ready Alan helped me devise a superannuation strategy to fit in with my budget and the need to address my depleted retirement savings.

I find Alan very personable as well as professional giving the confidence you need when entrusting someone to advise you on your finances.
— Steve – Technical Support Analyst

I’ve always wanted to own a house of my own, but never really thought about the logistics. I did some perfunctory research into my financial situation (not so good).

So, I called Alan, who I’ve known for years as I didn’t actually know anyone else who did the financial/mortgage thing. Alan was totally up-front about his obligations as a financial advisor, and gave me all that information to take home with me. We sat down the next day with a coffee, and when I’d finished, I’d come to the depressing conclusion that buying a house was completely mental at this time.

Alan, changed my focus from where I am right to where I can be in a year’s time, with a surprisingly small amount of fuss and sacrifice. Plus, he was super positive, which was what I needed. Instead of walking away miserable that the house of my dreams was not to be, I’ve gotten really excited about house-hunting in a year or two.

And when I do decide to take the plunge, I’ll call Alan to help me because he’s good at what he does, and I absolutely trust his advice.
— Sophie – Senior Adviser, Department of Labour

We first started talking to Alan about a year ago and we are so glad that we did! At that time we knew we wanted to buy a house but we had no idea how, we also had never really talked about our long term financial goals as a couple or as a family.

Alan helped us with all of this. Each meeting covered new areas and we were able to learn more about mortgages, insurances and planning for the future.

Alan made everything easy to understand and helped us to realise exactly what we were getting in to. We now have a house and a mortgage with repayments that we understand with insurances to look after us and protect our home.

We now have an on-going relationship with Alan who is now assisting us with retirement, KiwiSaver and further investments. We really appreciate how easy it is to get hold of Alan and how happy he is to help with any questions or queries we might have no matter what they maybe
— Amy - Office Manager and Rodney - Train Controller

I would just like to pass on my appreciation for the recent request for mortgage finance. I certainly felt at all times that you were treating me as your only customer. I also work in customer service, and it is certainly a pleasure to come across another company with the same focus/values as we have to our customers, making the customer feeling comfortable when dealing with business requests. Actually I couldn’t believe how effortless my request for finance was. I will be passing your name on to those who are looking to re-financing. Thanks once again.
— Cheryl – Sales Program Specialist

The advice and assistance from Alan helped smooth the purchasing process of our first home. Having the financial foundations in place before purchase has given us the security that is important to us, and the knowledge that this big financial outlay has been done the right way.
— Craig and Claire – Teachers

Alan has been great, always patient with me and able to offer really helpful advice around my finances and insurance, not just try to push products on me. His knowledge of how investment works and strategies on financial planning are easy to follow and leave me wondering why other advisors can’t be so clear.
— Richard – Business Owner

Alan did a great job helping us with our first house build. We naturally had lots of questions and Alan always took time to explain things to us in a way that made sense. The process of making progress payment can be stressful for some, but Alan’s experience with these kinds of mortgages meant that we were confident it would all work out ok. We are now living in our new home, and would happily go through the process again!
— Hagen – Programme Manager at Statistics New Zealand and Joy - Manager at Department of Internal Affairs

Natalie – Account Manager & David – Guitar Maker

Robert – Senior Research – Film and Graphics & Marta – Sales Administrator

Shane – Plumber & Carolina – Teacher

Grant – Engineer & Angela – Corporate Travel Consultant

Hannah – Teacher

Lewis – Commercial Valuer & Phoebe – Teacher

Justin – RAC Engineer

Jennifer – Customer Solutions Adviser

Lance – Lecturer

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation to Alan for the help and understanding he generously extended to me as part of financial advice he was providing for me.

I first met Alan when seeking help for my out- of- control finances through an EAP Service.
At the time I was swimming in the sea of debts and unable to manage despite earning above average income.

From our very first meeting Alan’s approach was professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly and compassionate.

Above all, Alan not only showed me how to take control of my finances but empowered me to believe that I can do it and do it well.

Several months later this proved to be right.
Not only my finances are in better shape than they have been in years, but I have gained an understanding of financial matters that provided me with confidence I never had before.

In all that Alan has been instrumental and I cannot recommend his services enough.
— Daniela – Team Leader

Alan was recommended through family members who had used him to help structure their mortgages and finances. As complete novices to property ownership, Alan was great at negotiating great rates for us and providing guidance on what we needed in our stage of life and understanding our priorities.

We’ve found his advice invaluable. His help with organising and managing our relationship with the bank has allowed us to make our first property purchase as painless as possible. We have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends and family.
— Hanna - Consultant & Mark - Motion Graphics Compositor

I cannot thank Alan Borthwick enough for the budgeting advice he gave me in his capacity as Financial Advisor for EAP. This was a stressful time for me and Alan was both non-judgemental and approachable. His support and advice have been valuable to be, both in helping the Board make their decision, and in encouraging me to make financial changes in my life which, amongst other things, have included a Ceremony to celebrate the cutting up of my Credit Cards!
— Sharon – Customer Services Officer

Alan is an excellent financial advisor who always clearly explains your financial situation and how you should manage your financial matters. He is an honest and conscientious person who you can totally trust.

Alan Borthwick has provided me with financial advice since February 2006 when I decided to buy a house in Upper Hutt.

The first advice Alan gave me was which bank I should choose for my mortgage. He researched several banks for me and recommended the one he felt would be best in my situation. I really believe it was the best choice and made a huge difference to my mortgage repayment plan. His advice helped make my mortgage repayment journey much shorter.

Alan suggested that I should pay down my mortgage if I had some extra savings. He acted and negotiated with the bank very quickly and arranged all necessary details on my behalf.
Alan has also given me advice about KiwiSaver Plans. He arranged everything for me and I am very pleased that I started KiwiSaver with the company he recommended at that time.
Alan is always helpful and supportive and provides me with suitable advice on financial matters when needed.

In 2015, 1 week shy of the 9 year anniversary of her mortgage starting, Chitose discharged her mortgage, having paid it off fully. No family money or winnings were used, just the DUX Financial Services strategy. I estimate Chitose saved at least $232,000 in interest she would have paid the bank otherwise.
— Chitose – Teacher

“We were given Alan’s phone number from an old friend when we mentioned that we were looking at buying a house within the next 12 months with a recommendation that he was what we were looking for. After meeting him for the first time and him presenting a basic plan of attack after ascertaining what stage we were at with our process we came away with the feeling that we were in good hands. This feeling has not left us over the 6 months it took to find the house and the period after the move.

Alan is organised, approachable and good humoured. He gave us options and investigated things that we queried – such as utilising the KiwiSaver scheme. He also kept us up-to-date with what we needed to do next as well as recommending other services we should utilise that had not yet occurred to us to look for. It was such an easy process after hearing some horror stories and a lot of that would be because of our dealings with Alan.

We would not hesitate recommend him to anybody who was looking at going through this process who needed someone that they could actually relate to who wasn’t trying to push the big ‘sell’ and actually gave you a realistic view of where you were and what you needed to do.
— Steve Warehouse Supervisor and Anne – Office Manager

The world changed for us when we became proud parents. We began to think about the future and how we could protect our family.

Alan from DUX Financial came to our house to talk about insurance products at a time that fit with our family schedule. This was very important to us, as it meant that we were relaxed and we could multitask to keep the household running smoothly.

Alan was clear what he could and couldn’t do for us. We appreciated Alan’s plain speaking and honesty when he explained what the paperwork was and what each product offered. We felt very well informed throughout the process. Thanks to Alan, we have proper insurance for the first time.

Our next big step is planning for a house, and we are very glad that Alan is working with us on our deposit and mortgage options. Thanks Alan!
— Dayna - Information Analyst, Statistics New Zealand, and Phil - Senior Funding Advisor, Ministry of Health

I strongly recommend the service that Alan Borthwick provides. Alan not only worked with me to arrange a home loan that best suited my needs, he also put me in contact with a property management company and accountant who are now providing 95% of the administration of my investment property. This leaves me to focus on other areas of life! Thanks Alan!
— Jamie – Sales Rep

“Mortgage brokers just clip the ticket right? That certainly was my impression. But upon dealing direct with banks and having a poor experience, I found the service offered by Alan to be of far higher calibre than I expected. We were building a house, and really needed a partner to guide us through the financial aspect of this process. Not only did Alan manage to get a mortgage sorted at a good rate far quicker than the banks were, but he was able to structure the mortgage and our bank accounts to what we required, as well as help manage the progress payments between builder, valuer and lender.

I’m generally hard on professional service providers, expecting a lot of them. But Alan has been one of those who quickly builds respect through his financial acumen and proactive approach.”
— Chris – Business Development Manager

Late Dec we were informed that our rented accommodation was being sold and we had to move out which greatly accelerated our plans for owning our house from sometime in the future to now. We put in a rushed offer on a great house we fell in love with but didn’t have any finance organised or even know what to do next with regards to the process of purchasing a house under mortgage.

I was referred to Alan by a colleague at work, I contacted him and explained the situation and the rush around needing finance approval before Christmas close-down. Alan was extremely helpful in stepping me through the process, organising lawyers, building inspectors, valuations all at extremely short notice and never sounded as stressed out on the phone as I was.

After the finance and sale was approved he then sat down with us and retrospectively worked out a financial plan to protect us and our new investment. He explained everything in simple terms so that both me and my partner understood what options there were and what he recommended in this new life stage we were embarking on. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone and I’m glad to him on our side for future financial planning.
— Jonathan - Security Specialist and Susanne -Content Coordinator