IAG not offering contents cover

IAG (Not AIG, a very different company), the parent company of State, AMI and NZI has announced they are not offering new contents cover in Wellington anymore.

This makes sense in some ways, as they have not been offering new house cover for a few years now, and only allowed you to transfer the owners policy to you.

This may be awkward, but there are other options out there, that offer better range of covers, and in terms of house, have full replacement cover rather than just sum insured.

We will be monitoring this and seeking assurance from our insurers that they are not following suit, and as of now we have not had any announcement either way, so its business as usual.

In Wellington it is important to make sure you do your due diligence on the property, especially if it has had any quake claims or was built before 1945. The DUX house buying plan has this process built into it, so you can be assured when its time to make an offer, that you can get house insurance.  

For our clients, the cover plans we had last week are the same this week, and we will continue to provide advice.

For anyone stuck not being able to get house cover, get in touch.

Alan Borthwick