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Typically, in NZ we have been pretty lackadaisical in this area because nothing too serious ever really goes wrong. For that reason, people have focused primarily on premium, rather than the benefits of the cover and the claims payment (which is surely the reason you take insurance).

The Christchurch earthquake has put paid to that, as people are now realising that it’s vital to ensure you are adequately insured, and not just with the cheapest provider.

With a bit of preparation, you can make sure you are actually insuring yourself correctly, and have a team behind you to make sure it all goes smoothly when you have queries and at claim time.

Correct Cover

One of the reasons claims are denied is due to having the wrong cover or insufficient cover.

DUX Financial will help you to get the right details ready to ensure you are properly covered.

This includes:

  1. Access to professionals who can do a full insurance measurement of your house
  2. Guides to determining what your contents are worth, what should be noted on the policy and what should be specified.
  3. Guides to working out the correct value for your car, and whether you should look at third party or not.

Claims Support

The worst thing about making a claim is not having any support if it’s a complicated claim or there are difficulties.

DUX Financial assists you with the claims process, to make sure you know what’s happening, and when you should have an answer. We are there to go into bat for you if a legitimate claim has been denied or you are not happy with the claim.

If you wish to review your current fire and general situation and ensure you have the correct protection for your assets, get in touch today.


DUX Financial has decided to pull out of Commercial Fire and General cover and now refers to specialists in this area who will provide the advice and service expected for DUX Financial Clients. If you would like to be referred to a specialist, Commercial Fire and General Adviser, get in touch.



Pays to repair or reinstate your house if it’s damaged or destroyed.

Note: some policies only cover the indemnity value of the house, rather than full replacement



Pays out if the tenant causes malicious damage to your property, and loss of rent if the tenant has to be evicted for not paying rent, leaves without paying rent; or the house cannot be rented due to the malicious damage they cause.



Full Cover: covers you for the loss or damage of your vehicle regardless of fault, as well as the cost of the other vehicle if you are at fault in a collision.

Third party: only covers the other party in a collision, but if they are at fault may also pay you out.

Maximum vehicle value for this cover: $6000





Pays out due to loss of your personal belongings.


  • Some specific products policies do not have any full replacement, and may not cover your belongings out of the home. These are usually called restricted policies.
  • If you have collections (comics, art, china sets, and records) etc, or high value items (jewellery, etc) your policy may require them to be noted or specified on the policy to ensure full payout.



Covers you for loss when travelling overseas. Common items covered include cancelled flights, lost luggage, medical cover etc.

Any questions about these specific products insurance or if you would like a review of your own covers, please get in touch.

Please note these are summaries only, and do not include all the requirements for payment, or policy options. Get advice before making a decision.