Personal Risk Plan Advice

Are you protected if a family member dies or succumbs to illness?

What would be the financial impacts on your family and your financial goals if any of the following happened and you had no personal risk plan?

  • You or your partner died prematurely (before 65)
  • Either of you were permanently disabled and never able to work again
  • A member of your immediate family suffered a major critical illness
    (Cancer, Heart attack, stroke, paralysis etc)
  • Either of you were unable to work for 6 months or more due to illness
  • A member of your immediate family needed a major operation and did not want to sit in the public queue.

Now, if you are like most people you might have some life insurance that the bank made you take when you got your house.  Or perhaps work has some benefits but you are not sure what they are.  Or an insurance sales clerk (you have never seen since) convinced you to buy some insurance ages ago.

However, do you know what your risk needs are, and if what you have fits those needs?

Rather than simply buying insurance a bit at a time, because the bank pressured you.  A full risk plan, with proper advice and analysis that fits your needs and budget is the best way to go.

The DUX Risk Protection Plan

Our process is outlined below to provide you with the most tailored risk protection plan: 

Needs Discussion

We talk with you about your current situation, and what’s likely to change in the near future. We discuss with you the 5 areas of risk, and ask you what you would like to happen financially in each of those areas should something occur in that area.  We also get your desired budget for your personal risk plan protection.

Research and Analysis

We take all the info you have given us, and work out what your total risk needs are, and if your current personal risk plan and covers are too much, too little, the wrong kind, or perfect for you.

If you need more cover, we research which company will best fit you, quote for your ideal situation and to fit your budget.  We then put this all together in an easy to understand written report for you.


We sit with you and go over the report, your needs from the report, and our recommendations for what to do, and assist you to prioritise if we need to fit within your budget.


We manage the process from start to finish making sure your application for new insurances goes smoothly, and does not take up too much of your time.


Once your new covers are in place we will review them with you on a regular basis to make sure your personal risk plan stays current to your changing circumstances.

So, for a full review of your insurances, and to get your family the risk protection plan that fits your needs and budget, get in touch.